Healthcare is a universal human right.

Christina has heard again and again from the people of Chester County that healthcare is a universal human right. Pre-existing conditions should not exclude someone from receiving healthcare coverage.

When people lost their jobs during the recession, many also lost their healthcare coverage. These citizens are now faced with the possibility of having to cover the cost of a serious health issue out of pocket. The staggering costs associated with illnesses such as cancer could bankrupt a family. We must work across the aisle to bring the cost of healthcare coverage down for businesses and to ensure a competitive healthcare insurance market. 

We are also facing a mental health crisis in this country. Too often, people are unable to afford treatment for anxiety and depression. Christina will work to lower costs for small and mid-sized businesses, so that pre-existing conditions and mental healthcare support are affordable coverage options for businesses to offer.

Christina also believes that we can do more to remove the stigma of mental health. We need a proactive, holistic, and compassionate approach that incorporates mental health conversations earlier in life and we also need to ensure that families and healthcare providers have the tools to do this. Anxiety and depression can be easily disguised until it’s too late. Removing the stigma associated with mental health might enable friends, family members, teachers, co-workers, and the medical community to better support those suffering.